One more way the Audio Visual neophyte can get ripped off…

We finally broke down and purchased a flat screen TV and let me tell you the amount of research you could do is endless. I found a great formula for this. Find the highest end electronics store you can. You know, those "non-big-box" places where the people working there actually look like they know what they're talking about. Once you've found one of these stores, find one more and just listen.

What I found is, these people will point you in the right direction. Then determine who you want to give your business to (big box, small local, internet retailer etc). For us, we did just that, and got the TV that we wanted (clearly not the TV we needed, I mean, who really needs a 50" television).

Now, we've got this TV all picked out and here comes another piece of the puzzle I had not considered… how to hook it up. Now keep in mind, I'm coming from a 10 year old tube television, no cable TV and VHS player point of view. So the guy says to me, do you need any HDMI cables? My response was, um, I dunno? Not a great response to say the least. So he asked what I would be hooking up to the TV and I mentioned we have a Wii, xbox 360 and a VHS – DVD combo. Again, I get a smirk from the guy when I hit the VHS-DVD combo piece. 

So the salesman points me to a cheap ($40) HDMI cable and says "if you were going to be hooking up a blue-ray player, I would recommend this cable." "This Cable" was a Monster HDMI super-turbo might even do your dishes cable and it cost a bundle. Needless to say, I bought the $40 cable.

Now today, I run across this little article from lifehacker and, once again, I feel like I was taken for a ride. The moral, you're gonna get taken one way or the other, just hope that when you do, it's at a minimal cost to you.


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