Surprised that childhood obesity is a problem?

I've been "chewing" on this one for awhile now. 

My son Henry started kindergarten this year. It's a big time for us, first kid in full time school. After Henry's first few weeks in school he discovered this thing called hot lunch. It was our first experience with "all the other kids get too…" Not where I want to be with a Kindergärtner.

So Becky and I told Henry that he could start doing the hot lunch thing. We purchased one of the hot lunch cards and told him that he could pick one day out of the week to take the hot lunch at school. The wonder of the internet and "school transparency" allowed us to have a look at the ol' hot lunch menu and what do you know, they even include nutritional information on the menu! 

Head over to our lovely school menu to have a look for yourself because I'm guessing you won't believe me when I say that there are meals on this menu that are in excess of 800 calories. Let me put that into perspective for you. An average male adult caloric intake should be 2700 calories, for women it's around 2000. For children around Henry's age, the average caloric intake is supposed to be around 1400 (per the american heart association's dietary recommendations for children).

So one meal off of the school's hot lunch program could be in excess of half of a child's daily caloric intake! And we wonder why kids these days have weight problems? It just seems wrong to me. 

The above noted, I have to admit I tend to be more of an optimist. At least our friends at Aramark provided us with the menu. Now we can, at the very least, guide Henry to the "better" food choices on the list.

On a side note, I find it rather humorous that on Aramark's webpage for "social responsibility" they have a statement there that reads "Together we are enriching lives everyday." Wonder what their definition of "enrichment" is…



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