Business presentations and buzzwords…effective communication?

Any of us in the business world have sat through a meeting where buzzwords were used to the point where the point whole that what was being made was completely lost. 

"At the end of the day we need to make sure that our right sizing allows our people to leverage all of the assets of the organization. The concern is we don't have clear deliverables. We need to make sure people know who's got the "D" as we go through this change initiative." 


If you do a search for "buzzwords in business" you get 95,400 results (via google), I'm not the only one who notices this.

Now, I'm as guilty as the next guy, I use buzzwords (there I said it), but I do my best to minimize this behavior because buzzwords really do annoy me. I realize that every occupation has them, they are unavoidable. The issue really arises when you are addressing a group of people who may not "be on the same page" 😉 

Anyone presenting to a group of people should consider the fact that his or her key message are not lost on the audience due to over utilization of these types of phrases. 

I see two key issues that could happen. One is, the people may have absolutely no clue as to what the person is saying. The second issue is almost worse, in my humble opinion: people know what you're saying but are so annoyed with the buzzwords they role their eyes and the presenter loses the audience.

Clear simple language is often the most effective. Can we get buy-in on that?

If you find yourself reading this and have felt the stomach churning effect of one to many buzzwords, join in and post them…. if you have the bandwidth, share your best practices, get granular, reach-out, drill-down…


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